BATZEN Dynamics of Projects of the Basque Community is a new dynamic that has been born to give shelter to all those who feel the Basque Community; and when we speak of the Basque Community we do it in its widest sense: Basque Autonomous Community, Autonomous Community of Navarre, Northern Euskal Herria, the diaspora and the .eus community.


Taking into consideration and recognizing the work carried out by different institutions, associations, agents and individuals over the years, we want to help place Euskara, Basque culture, Euskal Herria and the Basque Community on the world stage, encouraging cooperative work and creating new dynamics to carry out new projects.

With who

The BATZEN dynamic aims to carry out projects of great ambition, with the participation and contribution of many citizens and together with social agents, public institutions and private companies so that the Basque Community grows as a people on the world stage.

The Basque community is made up of more than eight million people. If we activate strength, passion, wisdom, and the beat of joy off all…

What could we aspire to if we all invested in working together?