The Ateak Ireki program will run for three weeks from June 27th to July 17th, 2022.

In 2022, the Ateak Ireki program will be hosted by families in the Goierri Valley of Gipuzkoa. The Maizpide Barnetegi where weekly Euskera immersion classes will be provided is in Lazkao, Gipuzkoa. The program will include visits and events in the provinces of Bizkaia and Araba as well. See the schedule for full list of cities to be visited during the program.

Thanks to the generosity of local Basque sponsors there is no fee to participate in Ateak Ireki 2022. Selected participants are required to cover their own cost for flights to and from the Basque Country and have travel and health insurance. If participants arrive/depart at the Bilbao Airport on the official program dates, transportation will be provided to/from Goierri to be connected with the host families.

Registration for Ateak Ireki 2022 will be available on our website: www.ateakireki.eus on February 1st, 2020. Registration will remain open until March 31st unless the program fills before that date.

Ateak Ireki plans to accept up to 50 participants from the United States in 2022.

Anyone who is interested and open to new experiences that can only be achieved while living and learning immersed in Basque culture in the Basque Country is encouraged to participate. No prior engagement with the Basque community in the United States is necessary. Participants will be asked to write a brief explanation for why they would like to participate and what they would like to get out of the program during the application process.

Ateak Ireki is seeking Chaperones (ages 25-35) to be the main point of contacts for families back in the United States and help the Basque Country based Ateak Ireki staff with any issues that participants may have during their stay. Chaperones will maintain daily blog posts providing photos and information on activities for participants and their families to follow the program’s activities.

Those interested in accompanying the youth from the United States to the Basque Country from from June 27th to July 17th, 2022 are encouraged to contact the NABO Ateak Ireki coordinator Argia Beristain argiaberistain@gmail.com for more information.

The Ateak Ireki staff will work closely with the participants and host families to ensure a good match for all involved. Interest in particular activities and experiences will be taken into account. Each host family will have someone who can speak English to facilitate communication and a youth of a similar age to the participant from the United States.

In general, homes in the Basque Country are usually smaller than homes in the United States. Being so, participants should anticipate sharing a room with same sex family member.

Participants in Ateak Ireki are required to provide documentation to prove they have health and travel insurance throughout the length of the program. Some health insurance programs automatically include international coverage in the standard insurance plans. Travel insurance can often be purchased while buying your international flights or separately.

Participants are encouraged to fly in and out of Bilbao International Airport. If participants arrive/depart at the Bilbao Airport on the official program dates, transportation will be provided to/from Goierri to be connected with the host families. Once Chaperone(s) for the 2022 Ateak Ireki are selected their travel itinerary will be available for participants to coordinate their travel arrangements if they are interested.

Yes, participants are encouraged to add additional time to their stay in the Basque Country if they have specific areas or cities they would like to attend beyond the program’s offerings. Travel and accommodations will be the responsibility of the individual on all dates outside of the official program schedule. Ateak Ireki staff will not be available to provide transportation to/from Bilbao Airport to Goierri Valley except on the official travel dates for the program.

All transportation related to participation in the Ateak Ireki program will be provided free of charge thanks to the generosity of the host families and sponsors.

Ateak Ireki Staff have offered to help participants locate and visit where their families are from in the Basque Country. If this is something you would like them to help facilitate, please let the Ateak Ireki staff know as soon as possible.

In October 2019, representatives from NABO were in the Basque Country for the 7th World Congress of Basque Communities. After the Congress, NABO representatives visited Goierri Valley and met with representatives from the non-profit organization Batzen and organizers of Ateak Ireki. After this visit, NABO discussed the program at the Fall Meeting in Mountain Home, Idaho and agreed to help promote the 2020 Ateak Ireki program. NABO is excited to collaborate on this project with Batzen as NABO seeks to develop new ways to engage youth in the Basque American diaspora after they are no longer eligible to particiate in Udaleku (ages 10-15).